The next generation of heart health

Say hello to Kardia from AliveCor—medical-grade EKG technology powered by A.I. and built for use with the patient’s smartphone. Immediate results through FDA-cleared algorithms make it easier than ever to engage patients in their own heart health and practice preventive medicine.

Patient care plans can now be informed by monthly, customized reports featuring longitudinal data of EKG recordings alongside other key biometrics.

Patient care plans can now be informed by monthly, customized reports featuring longitudinal data of EKG recordings alongside other key biometrics.

Clinical use cases
  • Arrhythmia assessment
    • Evaluation of palpitations

    • Rule out arrhythmia as cause of palpitations

  • Managing patients with AFib
    • Pre and post ablation

    • Post cardioversion

    • Titrate rate and rhythm medications

    • Track symptoms and rhythm

  • Diagnosing AFib early in high risk patients
    • Post cardiac surgery

    • In follow up to 30-day continuous monitoring, for cryptogenic stroke

    • Screening

  • Patient management of cardiac risk factors
    • Track risk factors over time:

    • Heart rhythm

    • Resting heart rate

    • Blood pressure

    • Weight

    • Activity

Clinical validation for Kardia
Recent studies:
KardiaMobile aids in significant increase in AF diagnosis when used twice per week in populations at risk for AF

Circulation, October 2017

Read the report
Cleveland Clinic study shows KardiaMobile AFib detection accuracy similar to that of physicians

August 2017

Read the report
Mobile smartphone-based ECG monitors added to the 2017 consensus guidelines for patients post-ablation.

HRS Consensus Statement, May 2017

Read the report
See the research
The patient-preferred personal EKG

Single-lead rhythm strip comparable to Lead 1 of standard EKG machines, and is the most clinically-validated mobile EKG solution available1

FDA-cleared mobile EKG and algorithms

FDA-cleared automatic algorithm for the detection of atrial fibrillation2 with 98% sensitivity and 97% specificity

Diagnostic yield comparable to a 14-day ambulatory event monitor3 and Holter monitor4

AliveCor is HIPAA compliant

1. Based on the number of published clinical studies using KardiaMobile compared to other smartphone-based EKG devices.

2. Lau JK, Lowres N, Neubeck L, Brieger DB, Sy RW, Galloway CD, et al. Int J Cardiol. 2013;165(1):193-4.

3. Narasimha D, et al. "A smart phone-based ECG recorder is non-inferior to an ambulatory event monitor for diagnosis of palpitations". University at Buffalo. Presented at HRS, May 2016.

4. Begg GA, Newham W, Muzahir HT. "Excellent symptom rhythm correlation in patients with palpitations using a novel smartphone based event recorder". Presented at HRS, May 2016.

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