A clinically-validated alternative for ambulatory ECG

AliveCor’s KardiaMobile is the FDA-cleared 30-second ECG that can instantly detect normal sinus rhythm or atrial fibrillation anytime, anywhere—and it’s revolutionizing the standard for arrhythmia diagnosis and management.

For patients, Kardia delivers a new standard of care and peace of mind. For physicians, it offers confidence in diagnostic yield, and engages patients in their own health like never before.

Kardia Mobile being used to take an EKG with the Kardia App
  • Single-lead ECG comparable to Lead 1 of traditional 12-lead ECG.

  • FDA-cleared for the detection of atrial fibrillation and normal sinus rhythm with 98% sensitivity and 97% specificity.1

  • Diagnostic yield for symptomatic arrhythmias comparable to a 14-day external loop recorder.2

  • Physician reimbursement under event monitor and chronic care management codes.*

1. Lau JK, Lowres N, Neubeck L, Brieger DB, Sy RW, Galloway CD, et al. Int J Cardiol. 2013;165(1):193-4.
2. Narasimha D, Hanna N, Beck H, Chaskes M, Glover R, Gatewood R, et al. Validation of a smartphone-based event recorder for arrhythmia detection. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. 2018.
*Reimbursement policies vary by provider. Check with the patient’s insurance carriers for detailed requirements and eligibility.
Clinical use cases
Arrhythmia Diagnosis

KardiaMobile aids in diagnosis of patients presenting with intermittent symptoms. KardiaMobile is also useful for diagnosis of arrhythmias in asymptomatic, high-risk populations (i.e. post cardiac surgery or cryptogenic stroke) where patients record tracings at regular intervals.

Tracking Arrhythmias

Patients diagnosed with arrythmias, such as Atrial Fibrillation, can self-monitor. Providers can easily track rhythm over time, adjusting rate/rhythm medications as needed. Track AF recurrence post cardioversion or post ablation as well as pre-ablation assessment while helping patients self-manage AF.

Key clinical validation studies
Arrhythmia Assessment

KardiaMobile is non-inferior to a 14-30 day external loop recorder for symptom-rhythm correlation.

Pacing Clin Electrophysiol, 2018

Read the report
Early Detection

KardiaMobile in at-risk populations identifies new AFib nearly four-fold more often than routine care.

Circulation, 2017

Read the report

KardiaMobile smartphone- based EKG monitors added to the 2017 consensus guidelines for patients post-ablation.

HRS Consensus Statement, 2017

Read the report

KardiaMobile is a convenient way to monitor for AFib recurrence after cardiac surgery.

Eur J Cardiothorac Surg, 2016

Read the report
See the research
Why clinicians recommend Kardia
  • Patients are engaged in their own healthcare

    Easy-to-use, portable device allows patients to take action when they feel symptoms.

  • Early detection at their fingertips

    Instant FDA-cleared detection of normal sinus rhythm or possible AFib with 30-second EKG.

  • Immediate feedback gives patients peace of mind

    Patients’ report peace of mind and feeling more in control of their heart health.

  • Convenient short-term or long-term self-monitoring

    Affordable and discrete, patients can easily self-monitor their heart short-term or long-term.

Recommending Kardia is easy
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Patients record EKGs and other biometrics
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Customized reports inform patient care plans

Featuring longitudinal data of EKG recordings alongside other key biometrics.

Download a sample 30-day summary report
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See Kardia for yourself
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Integrate Kardia into your office workflow

AI-enabled EKG platform connecting your patients Kardia data to your personal web-based portal.

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KardiaStation AFib Screening

Over 2000 patients age 65+ in Kaiser Permanente clinics used KardiaMobile during the vital signs check, and 1.6% were diagnosed with AFib.*

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*Abstract presented at American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2017.

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