Premium Protection Plan

Premium Protection Plan (“Premium Plan”) has several additional features from those provided in Basic.

Basic Membership includes:

Premium Plan includes these additional features:

KardiaMobile and KardiaBand Protection Plan Details (US Only)

  1. Replacement. Under Device Replacement, if you damage, lose or have your device stolen, you have the ability to replace your device with a new or functionally equivalent replacement device for a discounted purchase price of $19.99. Devices still covered by AliveCor’s 1-year warranty will remain eligible for replacement at no charge subject to the terms of AliveCor’s warranty.

  2. Limitations.

    • You are eligible to replace your device under the Plan once every 12 months for as long as you have an active Premium Membership and upon payment of $19.99 for each replacement device. Each new 12-month period begins on the date the replacement device is shipped to you.
    • AliveCor’s warranty does not extend to devices replaced under the Plan. However, if a device is still under warranty at the time of replacement under the Plan, the warranty shall apply to the replacement device for the period remaining on the warranty period of the originally purchased device.
    • Available only to US customers.
  3. Requesting a Replacement. You may call the AliveCor customer service number at (855) 338-8800 to replace your device under the Plan.

Premium Pricing

All prices per month. Prices include VAT, where applicable.

Australia 12.99/mo   130/yr (AUD)
Belgium 9.99/mo   99/yr (EUR)
Canada 12.99/mo   130/yr (CAD)
France 9.99/mo   99/yr (EUR)
Germany 9.99/mo   99/yr (EUR)
Ireland 9.99/mo   99/yr (EUR)
Italy 9.99/mo   99/yr (EUR)
Luxembourg 9.99/mo   99/yr (EUR)
Malta 9.99/mo   99/yr (EUR)
The Netherlands 9.99/mo   99/yr (EUR)
Spain 9.99/mo   99/yr (EUR)
Switzerland 9.99/mo   99/yr (CHF)
United Kingdom 9.99/mo   99/yr (GBP)
United States 9.99/mo   99/yr (USD)

In countries whose currencies are not shown here, the monthly charge for Premium will appear on your statement as 9.99 USD. Additional foreign exchange fees from your credit card company may apply.