Revolutionizing Mobile Health

AliveCor, Inc., is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco. We are dedicated to enabling users to take control of their heart health through the use of the AliveCor® Mobile ECG and free AliveECG app, an innovative mobile health solution.

Join the AliveCor Team

Interested in joining a fast-paced, cutting-edge startup changing the world from the heart of downtown San Francisco? We are looking for talented and passionate individuals to join us as we improve the world of care and wellness through technology.

The AliveCor Team


Albert Boniske

Director, Regulatory Affairs

Lives and breathes everything regulatory. Avid Cal Bears fan!


Alex Puterbaugh

Lead Android Engineer

Tinkerer and former game developer, Alex brings experience making apps fast and beautiful. He’s a camper, a coder, and a learner of cooking.


Andrea Cisternino

Chief of Staff

"Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple." -Charles Mingus


Art Okamoto

Sr. Director, Product Management

Passionate about products that help people. Enjoying the unusual ride from the life sciences to technology. Loves being outdoors - from the beach to Yosemite - with the family.


Arvita Tripati

Director of Quality, Privacy Officer

Leading AliveCor’s Quality department, Arvita brings experience with a variety of software, hardware, disposable, and capital equipment medical devices. Arvita enjoys camping, cooking, and SCUBA diving.


Baru Lopez

Lead QA Engineer

Believes that prodding, poking, questioning, stressing and nit-picking our products in minute detail, can turn the amazing technology at our fingertips in to such transparent tools that they might one day empower us to do a bit more than making a status update from the BART. I have come here to chew bubble gum, and break software…and i’m all out of bubble gum.


Brad Shelby

Vice President, Sales and Business Development

A tireless advocate for transforming health care and improving outcomes. Our mission is saving lives and empowering individuals.


Carrie Lorenzo

Director, Marketing

Building our brand to tell the AliveCor story. Cilantro enthusiast, yogi, appreciator of one-pot recipes.


Chase Galaviz

Channel Marketing Manager

Leading AliveCor's global distribution and reseller channel program. Loves skiing, traveling, cooking, working out, and has an unhealthy addiction to Oreos.


Christian Miller

Senior Data Analyst

Prefers medians over means, likes using data to inform better decisions, loves his dogs and donuts, dislikes pie charts.


Christina Macias

Business Operations Associate

A Silicon Valley native with a background in journalism, business, and scrappy DIY design, Christina does a little bit of everything and loves being immersed in the startup world. She likes pretty things, nerdy things, and some pretty nerdy things.


Doug Biehn

Chief Commercial Officer

"I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." -Michael Jordan

Dr Dave

Dr Dave Albert

Chief Medical Officer

Just trying to fulfill his mission of 'saving lives one invention at a time... 36 patents and counting.'


Francis White

VP Sales & Business Development

Francis definitely watched too much Star Trek in his youth and now is living the dream! Enjoying the 'mini'-challenge of bringing the AliveCor revolution to Europe.


Georges Dupret

Principal Data Scientist

At the fascinating intersection between data, statistical modelling, machine learning on one hand and cardiologists on the other, I attempt to help patients manage their health.


Jim Jenkins

Director, Engineering, Security Officer

Soccer bum turned software engineer. When he is not busy deploying at work, you'll find Jim running trails with his Black Russian Terrier named Ruso.


Jonathan Beck

Director of Hardware

Ensuring that AliveCor devices capture every beat, pulse and waveform. Likes rock climbing, teaching, renewable energy and semiconductor physics.


Melissa McClean

Lead Designer

Designer of software solutions that bring hardware devices to life. Boxer, knitter, hiker.


Rebecca Phillips

Senior Manager, Public Relations and Corporate Communications

A Boston native that fell in love with San Francisco. Has a passion for PR with the goal of driving more people across the world to advocate for their own health through the use of innovative technologies. An avid runner, traveler, Red Sox Fan and aspiring yoga teacher.


Roxanne Manansala


Sophie Smith

iOS Engineer

The engineer with a heart. When not grappling with Apple's latest "Innovation", Sophie can be found meditating peacefully in her room or violently destroying her competition at a local Super Smash Bros tournament.


Steven Ojo

Lead iOS Engineer

Loves Start Ups. Loves Technology. Loves his iPhone. Will Code anywhere. Once built a production feature and deployed it while at a Vegas pool party. Spends free time playing basketball, making beats, and listening to his old Swipe Mixtapes... But who in the startup world has free time anyway?


Vic Gundotra

Chief Executive Officer

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead


Walter Barreto

Sr. Software Engineer

Maker, problem solver and learner. Computer engineer by formation, software engineer by profession. Loves to tinker with code, data and ideas. Believes that some code is poetry.