Heart Monitor with
Universal Attachment Plate
iPhone 5/5s Heart Monitor Case

You can benefit.

The AliveCor Heart Monitor provides individuals with the ability to track heart health anywhere, anytime at an affordable cost.

Those who can benefit include individuals with suspected or diagnosed heart conditions and health conscious individuals.

Award-winning design and technology.

The AliveCor Heart Monitor fits on most mobile devices. It simply rests on your fingers or chest to record an ECG.

AliveCor’s proprietary technology converts electrical impulses from user’s fingertips into ultrasound signals transmitted to the mobile device’s microphone. Fast, efficient signal transmission results in minimal battery drain.

Just as the introduction of thermometers and blood pressure cuffs in the past century helped patients to monitor their health, now the ability to record one's own electrocardiogram –and get an interpretation almost instantly - empowers the 21st century patient to take charge of their heart health.

Ronald Karlsberg, MD

Cedars Sinai Heart Institute
Cardiovascular Medical Group of Southern California
America’s Top Physician (2006), Consumers' Research Council

Free App

It's free.

AliveCor's free app, AliveECG, available for iOS and Android, together with the Heart Monitor, records and stores single-channel ECGs. Enhanced filtering technology minimizes artifact, yielding a high fidelity tracing. The medical grade tracings are comparable to Lead I on standard ECG machines.

Secure sharing.

With secure data storage in the cloud, users can access their ECG data confidentially anytime, anywhere, grant access to their physicians, print PDFs and email it to caregivers and health professionals.

The new technology makes it easy for patients using the device to record and send high quality ECGs. This makes it easier and more efficient for me to diagnose the problem.

Jeffrey Olgin, MD

Chief of Cardiology
University of California, San Francisco.

ECG Analysis

Manage your heart health.

ECG Analysis provides expert review of your ECGs by U.S. board certified cardiologists or U.S. based cardiac technicians for a minimal fee directly from the app. This service is also available in the U.K. and Ireland provided by U.K. based cardiac physiologists.

Our goal is to develop powerful analytics to better understand your heart health.

This mHealth product makes it easier for physicians to manage the heart condition of their patients, wherever they and their patients are. It's an example of mobile technology impacting healthcare in a positive and real way.

Cary Hirsch, MD

Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab and Cardiovascular Institute, Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, New York
America's Top Cardiologist (2011), Consumers' Research Council of America

I have used the expert analysis four to five times. My use of the cardiac technician review service eliminated the need for an appointment since my cardiologist can review the reports from afar. My cardiologist has a lot of faith in the product and the fidelity of the tracing.

Roland Guidry

AliveCor user


Understand arrhythmia.

The app includes a detailed arrhythmia library with sample, real-life, ECGs, ranging from common arrhythmia conditions like atrial fibrillation to rare ones like Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome.

Learn more.

The AliveECG app includes personalized heart rate statistics and key heart facts. In addition, detailed diagrams of cardiac anatomy and a breakdown of the ECG waveform ensures that users have access to heart education.

Detecting Atrial Fibrillation Infographic

This kind of technology will really change the face of medicine. I can take a recording anytime and send it to my doctor to help them get at the root of problems more efficiently. Plus it motivates people. When you have a device in your hand that can give you an immediate ECG recording or interpretation, it really changes your perspective.

Nick Ballard

AliveCor User

Provider Dashboard

Track and triage ECGs.

For health professionals with patients using the AliveCor Heart Monitor, the provider dashboard is a free web-based application to help review patients ECG data.

Once a patient is added, ECGs and ECG Analysis reports are automatically updated, and available for review.

Access your Provider Dashboard by signing in to www.alivecor.com

AliveCor has been amazing for my clinic. I can look up ECGs online, I can type the patient’s name in, I can see PDFs in clinic, and they can email it to me - AliveCor has nailed it. I added my first patient today to the dashboard – it’s fantastic. She’s in Mexico now so I can track her atrial fibrillation.

Neel R Patel, MD

Adult Cardiology
Orlando, Florida

EHR Integration

Seamless integration.

AliveCor ECGs can be seamlessly integrated into select EHRs. ECG recordings and ECG analysis reports of patients are uploaded into the EHR, with a simple tap in the app.

Top EHRs.

This service is currently available for Practice Fusion’s free web-based EHR. Practice Fusion is the largest and fastest growing health care platform in the U.S.

AliveCor is a leader in mHealth, and by linking directly to the largest cloud-based EHR in the country, more doctors will have 24/7 access to smartphone-based ECG readings in real-time than ever before.

Matt Douglass
Co-founder and Vice President
Practice Fusion